Our Process


I. Create Live Well Plan

Do I have enough to retire? If so, how long will my money last?

Our Live Well Plan encompasses and coordinates ALL areas of your personal finances. The Live Well Plan includes cash flow projections and allows us to test adjustments in real time and predict your retirement readiness – making sure you are in the “green zone.”


II. Develop Family Index Number

What rate of return do I need?
How do I get “there” with the least amount of risk?

Your Family Index Number is a personalized measurement developed to define and track the progress of your portfolio as it pertains to your Live Well Plan. This number represents the rate of return needed from your portfolio assets in order to achieve your goals and objectives with confidence.

The Family Index Number replaces complexity with clarity by helping clients understand the rate of return their portfolio needs to earn over a market cycle. Knowing your Family Index Number will not only help you meet your needs but also reduce the stress of trying to outperform a volatile index.


III. Investment Strategy Selection

How do I invest my portfolio to meet my needs?

Following day-to-day market movements is time-consuming and can cause unnecessary anxiety. Unfortunately, some investors make poor financial decisions during stressful periods when emotions get in the way of reason and logic.

Discipline and income generation are the core principles of our process-driven investment strategies. Multiple strategies are recommended based on your personal situation in order to achieve your Family Index Number. Our ultimate goal is to preserve your assets while generating the level of income and growth needed to meet your objectives with confidence.