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We have been humbled to receive ongoing interest from families looking to hire a team to help them navigate the complexities of retirement. Many families who contact us do so as a result of our Retirement Insider weekly emails or our Thoughts on the Market emails. The vast majority of clients we visit with are either on the verge of retirement or are already retired. Based on years of experience, we are convinced that a holistic plan dramatically improves the chances for a successful retirement. Some of the most often asked questions are “How does The Price Group planning process work?” or “What can our family expect when we meet with your team?” We thought it helpful to answer those questions.




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A Client

Initial Contact

To schedule your appointment to discuss your pending/current retirement, you can reach out directly to Matt Price at or 281-612-3306. There is no cost or obligation to meet with us.

Pre-Meeting Preparation

As part of our commitment to understanding your retirement needs, we will ask you to bring a list of pertinent financial documents with you to the first meeting. These documents will help us gather essential information about your retirement goals, current financial situation, and desired lifestyle. These figures will include your income, expenses, giving, assets, debts, retirement accounts, and any existing pension or Social Security benefits. If easy to download, we will also request account statements for investment accounts, Social Security, pension vs lump-sum estimates, and any other retirement accounts.

First Meeting

During the first meeting, Tiffany or Melissa will meet you at our front door and show you to our conference room. Your wait will not be longer than 5 minutes, and we will introduce our team of retirement planning advisors – you will typically meet Randy, Matt, and Matty during this meeting. We will also take the time to understand your retirement objectives, concerns, and expectations. This will enable us to tailor our approach to your specific retirement needs, but we will make sure to leave ample time to answer all of your questions. This first meeting typically lasts 60 – 90 minutes.

We Get To Work

After our initial meeting, we start the process of creating your Live Well Plan. We joke and say that the Live Well Plan is the roadmap for the rest of your financial life.

After completing work on your Live Well Plan, we will conduct a thorough analysis of your investment portfolio. Our experienced team will develop personalized recommendations tailored to help you achieve a comfortable and secure retirement. This will include strategies for retirement savings, investment portfolio allocation, retirement account optimization, pension or Social Security maximization, tax planning, healthcare considerations, and estate planning.

In addition to this, we prepare a detailed summary of our transparent cost structure. Most are happy to find that our cost structure is easy to understand and straight forward. Since we serve as a fiduciary, we align our interest with the interest of our clients by charging a advisory fee. You will find that our cost structure is very competitive if you are interviewing multiple advisors.

Second Meeting

After we complete our work, we schedule a second meeting to share our findings – we will present your Live Well Plan, offer our investment recommendations and share our transparent cost structure.

We do not pressure you to make a decision at this meeting. We encourage couples to take the information home with them, digest it, and come back to us with their follow-up questions. Typically, this meeting lasts between 60 and 90 minutes.

Become A Client

If you decide to move forward with The Price Group's retirement recommendations, we will guide you through the implementation process. If you feel we are not the right fit, we shake hands and part as friends. Either way – our promise is that you will leave our office a more educated consumer as it pertains to your personal financial situation.

Interviewing Financial Advisors?

Get in touch. We are confident that you will find our process different than the rest.

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