Develop Family Index Number

“When stocks go up, you never have enough and when stocks go down, you always have too much!”

Creating a Family Index Number will help us determine how much risk is needed within your portfolio.
Your Family Index Number is the rate of return necessary on your portfolio assets to achieve your goals and objectives while maintaining resources during your anticipated lifetime.

In figuring your Family Index Number, the amount of investment certainty you want/need is benchmarked against the amount of return you need to achieve your goals.

Our goal is to achieve a client’s Family Index Number over a market cycle. In some years, we will outperform this goal and some years we will underperform but the Family Index Number is our projected long-term rate of return based on the amount of risk that we take in the portfolio.

Knowing your Family Index Number will not only help you meet your needs, but it will also reduce your stress of trying to outperform a volatile index.

Want to establish your own Family Index Number? Give us a call.