7 Point Retirement Checklist

Retirement Roadmap

  • Have a written wealth management plan.
  • Know the investment return (i.e. what is your family number?) needed to reach your goals and objectives.

Social Security Maximization

  • Determine the ideal time for both of you to begin Social Security.

Design Investment Portfolio By Purpose

  • Build a balanced income oriented plan investment with different “buckets” and layers of risk designed to meet your retirement cash flow needs.

Stress Test Portfolio

  • Understand the need to stress test your investment portfolio.
  • Portfolio is stress tested (based on historical investment performance) to help you work toward meeting your cash flow needs.
  • This provides prospective and confidence to continue your plan in order to meet goals and objectives.

Estate Planning

  • Review your strategy and also your four estate planning documents.
  • Make sure retirement distribution strategy is tax friendly to your heirs.


  • Review auto, homeowners, and umbrella insurance protections.
  • Evaluate the need for life insurance during retirement.


  • Review your retirement health care options/expenses.
  • Preparing for the cost of healthcare during retirement:
    • Medicare
    • Long Term Care
    • Out of pocket costs