Independent Firm vs Bank Owned Firm

“We were searching for a platform to provide our clients with fiduciary centric advice without conflicts of a Wall Street brokerage firm .” – Randy R. Price

We have served at two of the big bank brokerage firms for over two decades. As a result of multiple law changes and also industry evolution, traditional brokerage firms have recently fallen behind and chosen to emphasize a centralized “one size fits all approach.” Because of this unfortunate trend, we felt compelled to re-evaluate the platform through which we advise our client family.

Does independence matter?

Independence and full ownership of our firm enables us to be fiduciary oriented and present personalized holistic advice and counsel. As an independent firm, we avoid conflicts of interest inherent in the traditional Wall Street model and instead put the needs of clients first. Independence also facilitates transparency and improves our service model in areas such as performance reporting, custody and alternative investments.

As owners of an independent firm, we are dedicated to elevating our clients’ experience to forge lasting relationships that truly align wealth with purpose.